17th Jan 2018 - GTG RESIN is still setiing up the new workshop. Sorry this is taking a little longer than planned. But we will be back into the swing of things very soon!

Christmas Season Update 17 Dec 2016

GTG RESIN will be closed from December 23rd till January 17th 2017. During this time stock in the online store can be bought and will be shipped as time permits, or as my local post office is open during these times. The workshop will be moving to a new home during this time to enable scaling up of production and rollout of new track sets and products!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and see you in 2017!

27th August 2016 - You can now check out our online store to order SNAP TRACKS as well as a few other products that we have in stock. I will keep adding stock as it is made to help with a few controls in the short term. I also need to do more live testing on the store so all orders that are placed please let me know if there are any issues!!! Thanks for your support!

22nd August 2016 - Online store framework in place and some of the 1/16 tracks sets are being packaged up. Need to monitor the postage costs for you guys as the system is not very flexable. Australia Post is also not very cheap overall.. but we will get there.